SAY WHAT?!: During a meeting on immigration, President Trump reportedly asked, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” He referred to nations in Central America, Africa, and the Caribbean, including Haiti. He then suggested that the U.S. admit more immigrants from places like Norway. LA TIMES

@rush86: Norway has universal health care, better minimum wage rates and took in almost 50 000 refugees and immigrants in 2016 alone (in a country of only 5,2 million people.) Ain’t nobody tryin to immigrate to America…

MEDIA: Should newspapers and television networks be using the S-word? CNN and MSNBC anchors and commentators have been repeating it freely on the air. So has the Washington Post, whose executive editor said, “When the president says it, we’ll use it verbatim.” ANALYSIS

This is another approach:


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