WHAT HAPPENED: President Trump says the Korean conflict “will soon end.” The president and Kim Jong-un signed a document that includes a pledge to work toward the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. After the meeting, Trump said the U.S. will stop its joint military exercises with South Korea, and North Korea will shut down a missile engine testing site. READ DOCUMENT

THE VISUALS: The summit in Singapore between President Trump and Kim Jong-un began with a handshake–the first time a U.S. President has ever met with a North Korean leader. Here is everything you need 2 know about the handshake, including pics of the before, during and after: SEE PICS

THE TAKEAWAY: The summit was certainly historic, but analysts say the joint statement contains no concrete steps to achieve denuclearization other than vowing future meetings. After the summit, President Trump said of Kim: “I trust him.” Here’s where things stand: POLITICO

SAY WHAT?!: Kim Jong-un reportedly brought along his own toilet to Singapore. Why? So “sewer divers” couldn’t grab a sample of Kim’s stool and study his health and DNA. He also brought his own pens and pencils so he wouldn’t leave even a fingerprint. USA TODAY

@DavidPSamson: Just to be clear, the bothersome part to me about this is the existence of sewer divers. I am all in on BYOT.


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