PAYDAY: Today is the first payday with no check for hundreds of thousands of federal workers and contractors as the partial shutdown is now tied as the longest in U.S. history. Hundreds of civil servants rallied around the country Thursday calling for an end to the impasse. ABC NEWS

EMERGENCY: President Trump is said to be getting closer to declaring a national emergency over the wall funding, which would allow him a way to open the government and start building the wall without congressional approval, though it would almost certainly be challenged in court. Under one proposal being drafted by aides, Trump would dip into disaster relief funds for the money needed to start construction. NBC NEWS

HELP: A former NFL quarterback sent a check to a family affected by the shutdown — enough to cover their January mortgage. Ryan Leaf sent the money after seeing a tweet from Taylor Futch lamenting the dire situation of her family, which includes her park ranger husband and two small children. USA TODAY


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