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TORNADOES: Flash flooding and more than a dozen tornadoes have been reported in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Missouri, though there were no immediate reports of injuries. WEATHER CHANNEL

TROPICS: Hurricane season doesn’t officially start until June 1, but meteorologists are already watching a subtropical storm that has developed southwest of Bermuda. TRACK

Christmas So It Begins GIF




A 16-year-old Guatemalan boy died Monday while in custody of U.S. Border Patrol — the fifth migrant child from Guatemala to die while in custody since December. The teen, who had been in custody for a week, had reportedly been diagnosed with the flu on Sunday. Federal law mandates unaccompanied minors must be sent to a facility run by the Department of Health and Human Services within 72 hours; it’s unclear why there was a delay. AP



A federal judge ruled that President Trump’s accounting firm must turn over his financial records to Congress, delivering a setback to the president’s strategy of stonewalling subpoenas from House Democrats. Meanwhile, the former White House lawyer Don McGahn will not appear in front of a House committee today to testify about the Russia investigation, defying a different subpoena. CNN



Just in time for beach season, a great white shark has been tracked for the first time in the Long Island Sound — the waterway between Long Island and Connecticut. Researchers say a GPS tracking device on the shark pinged Monday off the shore of Greenwich. The shark, named Cabot, is 533 pounds and more than nine feet long according to research group OCEARCH. NBC CONNECTICUT

Also spotted on Long Island, a LOT of Cougars.



The Brexit party leader Nigel Farage became the latest victim of a new form of protest in the U.K. known as “milkshaking,” which is just what it sounds like. A protester hurled a milkshake at Farage while he was campaigning in Newcastle. Farage is one of several far-right politicians who have had dairy-based drinks thrown at them in recent weeks. In this case, it was a banana and salted caramel shake from Five Guys. BBC

If anyone is upset about our stance on Brexit our favorite flavor is Strawberry.



FORD LAYOFFS: Ford will cut 7,000 white-collar jobs, about 10 percent of its global workforce, in a major restructuring effort that will save the automaker $600 million a year. About 500 employees in the U.S. got word they were being laid off this week. CNBC

NOT a Ford Fiesta.

TELECOM MERGER: The Department of Justice is reportedly leaning against approving T-Mobile and Sprint’s $26.5 billion merger, even after the head of the FCC blessed the deal once the two companies made concessions to regulators. Sprint has said it desperately needs to merge with T-Mobile in order to stay in business. T-Mobile has said it needs Sprint to help it build out a competitive next-generation 5G network. BLOOMBERG

Just because you’re both single doesn’t mean you’ll make a good couple.



The Golden State Warriors punched their ticket to Finals in an OT win, sweeping the Portland Trail Blazers and becoming only the second team in NBA history to appear in five consecutive championship rounds. And they did it without one of their stars, Kevin Durant, who has been injured. BLEACHER REPORT

It’s cute that other teams are still trying.



The Game of Thrones finale had a record 19.3 million viewers (including streaming and replays) with 13.6 million TV viewers for the initial airing alone. The numbers have set a record for both the show and HBO. HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

It’s also the largest audience of disappointed people in HBO’s history.



Jada Pinkett Smith says she had an “unhealthy” relationship with porn. The actress made the revelation on her Facebook series Red Table Talk, in a conversation with her daughter and mother. Pinkett Smith first said she had “a little porn addiction” but later clarified she used the word “addiction” a “little lightly.” E! NEWS

Not the birds and bees talk Willow expected, but alright.



An Australian man with a metal detector found a gold nugget estimated to be worth $69,000. He reportedly made the find in Western Australia’s gold fields. The 1.4 kg nugget is said to be “a bit bigger than a packet of smokes.” SEE IT



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