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1. BIDEN 2020

Joe Biden reached out to Anita Hill as his campaign announcement loomed, and, according to The New York Times, the call didn’t go “how he had hoped.” On the phone call, Biden expressed “his regret for what she endured” during the 1991 Supreme Court hearings for Clarence Thomas, when Hill accused the justice of sexual harassment. Biden was chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee at the time. Hill told the Times she wasn’t satisfied with the call and thinks Biden has still not taken full responsibility for his conduct at the hearings, which she believes “set the stage” for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. NY TIMES



More than 300 students and staff at UCLA and Cal State University, L.A. are under quarantine after a student at UCLA came down with measles. The students and staff were told to stay home and avoid contact with others unless they can prove they’ve been vaccinated. The U.S. is now dealing with the largest measles outbreak since the disease was declared eliminated in 2000. ABC NEWS



North Korea reportedly gave the U.S. a $2 million bill for the “care” of Otto Warmbier, the American student who was beaten into a coma by the North Koreans while in custody for ripping down a poster. The North issued the bill — which President Trump agreed to authorize — before allowing Warmbier to fly home. He died in the hospital days later. The invoice remains unpaid. WASH POST



A preliminary estimate of the cost of rebuilding Notre Dame is out, and it’s far less than the money that has already been pledged. A group of French economists say it will cost between $330 million and $670 million to replace the roof, the spire, and fix the interior after the church was severely damaged in a fire. More than $1 billion has been given to the effort, largely from some of France’s wealthiest families. PRESS HERALD

How much does a spire go for these days?



Generation X has a one-up on millennials, at least when it comes to health. According to a new report, the millennial generation is less healthy and more depressed than the generation that came before it. The study from Blue Cross Blue Shield also found that health starts to deteriorate at age 27. USA TODAY

We can vouch for that.



Some Peloton owners aren’t so happy with the current music being played during classes. The change in tunes follows a recent lawsuit claiming the company didn’t have the proper license to play certain songs. THE VERGE

Peloton owners: now more annoying than SoulCycle devotees.



Kyler Murray went number one overall in the first round of the NFL Draft, as expected. The former baseball player turned Heisman winner was picked by the Arizona Cardinals, hoping he will become their franchise quarterback. Among the other big moves: the Pittsburgh Steelers traded up for former Michigan linebacker Devin Bush, who also had the outfit of the night: SEE IT

“Please not the Jets…Please not the Jets…” – Every player in the draft.



Avengers: Endgame is on pace for the largest opening weekend domestic box office ever. The three-hour-long final chapter of the Avengers saga opened last night, heralding the beginning of the summer blockbuster season. The latest predictions have the film raking in $300 million by the end of the weekend. BOX OFFICE MOJO



After a 13-day mysterious countdown on her website and multiple clues left on social media, Taylor Swift dropped a new track titled “ME!” and a music video to go with it. WATCH



Bruce Springsteen announced his first album in five years. Western Stars will debut June 14, and the first single “Hello Sunshine,” dropped overnight: LISTEN

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