Here’s the story, of a lovely newsletter…

It started, like most great ideas, with two friends chatting over greasy food and bloody marys on a lazy Sunday.

One friend– a journalist in her late 20s.
The other– a night club owner in HIS late 20s (although his liver would say different).

The journalist mentioned that her friends were always asking about big news stories. “What do we ‘need 2 know’!?”

The night club owner said, “And how about having a little fun with the news?”

So they put together an email. The journalist wrote about important news stories. The nightclub owner added movie quotes and Seinfeld references. They sent it to some friends and family using their personal gmail account. Their family and friends loved it. And the friends realized THEY loved writing it.

Need 2 Know was born.

It’s come a long way since then. The team behind it has grown and so has the subscriber list.

More important though, is what is still the same. Need 2 Know is– and always will be— a labor of love. Everyone who reads it is considered part of the N2K family.

Need 2 Know is a free daily newsletter with all the news that matters. It’s a one-stop-shop for politics, sports, tech, business and entertainment. With a little bit of humor to help it all go down. Some people prefer their news hard boiled; we prefer our news over easy. See what you’ve been missing.

Our newsletter is kind of like the two people who founded it: Part news. Part fun. One of our founders is a serious journalist, she’s worked as an assignment desk editor and reporter at various network and cable newsrooms across the country. The other worked in NYC nightclubs for over 10 years. Both founders spent one too many Sundays watching 80s movies, Godfather, Seinfeld reruns and Bill Simmons podcasts. But somehow– like a black and white cookie– the two compliment each other and create a better, final product.

Some news aggregates use an algorithm to figure out what stories you’re interested in; our professional journalists take a different approach. We use our conversations with friends and family, and our own experiences in the world, to try and determine what’s really important. We know you’re busy. In fact, many readers tell us their daily N2K is the only news they’re getting for the day. We take that seriously. That’s why we cover a little bit of everything. It’s a one-stop-shop for news, sports, tech and business. With a little bit of humor to help it all go down.

We started by sending N2K to just a handful of friends and family. Even though our audience is growing, we still consider each and every reader a member of that N2K family. Maybe that’s why we have one of the highest open rates amongst competitors.