Ottawa Shooting, New Gmail App & Renee Responds



A gunman attacked Canada’s parliament yesterday and was shot to death by the parliament’s sergeant-at-arms. Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, 32, is believed to have shot and killed a soldier at a nearby war memorial.  FOX NEWS



Autopsy results support police officer Darren Wilson’s version of events: that he and Michael Brown fought for control of Wilson’s gun, and Wilson fatally shot the unarmed teenager after he moved toward the officer in the street. WASHINGTON POST
Sen. Tom Coburn has released his fifth annual “Wastebook”: a list of 100 “silly, unnecessary and low priority projects” that he says cost taxpayers a combined $25 billion. Here are five ‘WTF?’ projects, including watching grass grow and massages for rabbits: ABC NEWS
Swedish massages for rabbits? How do they carry their Massage Envy gift cards?

South Florida officials are proposing a plan to split Florida into two states, saying officials in northern Florida aren’t doing enough to battle climate change: ”They would just love to saw the state in half and just let us float off into the Caribbean.” SUN-SENTINEL 
The new state would be called Flo Rida.  

Toys ‘R’ Us will stop selling Breaking Bad action figures after a Florida mom’s online petition declared the toys go against the store’s “family friendly values.” The figures come with accessories like bags of fake cash– and fake crystal meth. ROLLING STONE 

Um awesome, we want to buy those toys for ourselves.


6. TECH 

Google is rolling out Inbox, its new email app. Unlike Gmail, Inbox is aimed at making your content “contextually relevant.” For now, the service is available by invitation only. TECH CRUNCH

We know we’re getting old when we’re no longer looking to get on the list for a new club in the Meatpacking District, but are envious of friends who got ‘invited’ to join Google’s Inbox. 



The NBA reversed course and rejected proposed lottery reform that had been expected to pass in a landslide. How did it happen, and what does it mean for teams? GRANTLAND

Seth Meyers: “The NBA wants to raise the league’s age minimum from 19 to 20. The league’s age maximum will continue to be Kevin Garnett.”



Renee Zellweger spoke to People magazine about the controversy over her “new look”: ”I’m glad folks think I look different! I’m living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I’m thrilled that perhaps it shows.” PEOPLE 

The third Bridget Jones book came out last year. Maybe Renee just wanted to get out of having to gain forty pounds again.



Melissa Rivers will inherit the majority of her late mother Joan’s $100 million estate, including her spectacular $35 million Upper East Side townhouse. US WEEKLY


10. SPOTTED…  

…Justin Bieber, playing pickup hockey in Los Angeles — and being “surprisingly good” at it. WATCH

Go Puck yourself Justin.



A glitch on iTunes in Canada accidentally released a Taylor Swift track called ‘Track 3′ that turned out to be eight seconds of white noise… and somehow the song hit No. 1 on the charts. THE VERGE 

Glitches get stitches. 



@DamienFahey: People who cheer at concerts when a musician says the name of their city are the most easily impressed people on earth.

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