Boston Marathon Bomb Scare, “Blood Moon” Photos & Leo Gets Down at Coachella


Boston police took a man into custody last night , evacuated the area and detonated two backpacks found unattended on Boylston Street near the Boston Marathon finish line. Police said the backpacks were detonated “for precautionary reasons.’’ BOSTON GLOBE

Thousands gathered yesterday in Boston to mark the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings. Vice President Joe Biden, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh and former Mayor Tom Menino all spoke. SEE VIDEO

“You have become the face of America’s resolve… for the whole world to see.” — Vice President Joe Biden.

THEN AND NOW: Check out these photos of Boston as it’s recovered: SEE PICS

SPIRIT: All five Boston sports teams sent the same heartwarming tweet at the same time: TWEET



Two pro-Russian militants were wounded in a clash at a military airfield yesterday as armored Ukrainian units began a military operation to take back control of separatist-seized cities. The White House said Ukraine’s actions are called for because of the threat to law and order in the country. WALL ST JOURNAL



Winter is making a comeback across much of the United States. Detroit had 3.1 inches of snow by yesterday morning, making this the snowiest winter on record, with 94.8 inches of snow. USA TODAY

Poor Detroit.. Well, except for Miguel Cabrera.


4. NYC 

The NYPD is closing down its Demographics Unit, a secretive program that sent plainclothes detectives into Muslim neighborhoods to eavesdrop on conversations and built detailed files on where people ate, prayed and shopped. New police commissioner Bill Bratton may be backing away from some post-9/11 intelligence-gathering practices. NY TIMES


5. TECH 

Google has filed a patent application to put tiny cameras into “smart” contact lenses. The technology could flag hazardous objects in the path of a wearer and even extend his peripheral vision. The blink-controlled camera could also incorporate a zoom function, giving the wearer superhero-type vision. DIGITAL TRENDS

The blink-control feature could be a problem if someone accidentally squirts grapefruit juice into your eye. “Pulp can move, baby!”



A total lunar eclipse created a “blood moon”– the moon took on a reddish hue as it appeared in different phases. SEE PHOTOS 

We expect tomorrow’s tabloids to be filled with great werewolf stories.



Donald Trump has reportedly met twice with Buffalo Bills president Russ Brandon to discuss purchasing the NFL franchise. “I would love to do it,” Trump said, “and if I can do it, I’m keeping it in Buffalo.” CBS SPORTS

We look forward to watching the Bills play at Trump Plaza Ballpark and Casino. “It’s gonna be YOOOOOGE!”



Michael Strahan walked a red carpet onto the ‘GMA’ set for the first time as co-host yesterday. He was introduced with a montage of photos from his childhood and career in th NFL, accompanied by Pharrell’s “Happy.” WATCH

If you’d told us fifteen years ago that one day Michael Strahan would be king of morning television, it’d be like in ‘Back To The Future’ when Marty says Ronald Reagan is president.



The 2014 Tribeca Film Festival kicks off today and runs through April 27th. Gothamist has a great rundown on the festival’s films. READ IT

“Are you lookin’ at ME? Look at the screen!”



…Leonardo DiCaprio (we think!)… dancing like crazy to MGMT at Coachella. WATCH

Leo could dance on our graves and it would still be okay with us.



Hookers are using the controversial Airbnb home-sharing Web site to turn prime Manhattan apartments into temporary brothels, according to the NY Post. One escort service is even saving a bundle by renting Airbnb apartments instead of hotel rooms for clients’ quickies. NY POST

Great alibi material for when your significant other finds unidentifiable panties or a condom wrapper under the bed. “I rented my place out on Airbnb!”



@MattGoldich: US Airways left up pornographic tweet for almost an hour. Based on my experience flying their airline, I’m not surprised there was a delay.


And that’s what you ‘Need 2 Know’ on Wednesday, April 16th, 2014…

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