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Happy Thanksgiving! We’re thankful for YOU, our awesome readers, who put up with our sometimes-corny jokes, point out if we missed an important story (or a comma), and tell us when you like what we’re doing. We appreciate you all year, but today, we’re letting you know! And now, back by popular demand (okay, just our moms), here’s N2K’s annual list of conversation starters for your Thanksgiving dinner. We hope it helps spice up the celebration. And if that doesn’t work, add gravy.


3. For your cousin Sienna, who says her five hour flight from California was better than her ten minute subway ride, where her cheek was pressed against the glass door and she was forced to listen to group of guys playing drums when all she really wanted to do was listen to her podcast:

Maroon 5 and Jimmy Fallon put on sunglasses, fake beards and went undercover to sing for commuters at the 50th Street subway station in New York City. They started with a cover of Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and the crowd quickly caught on. How come that never happens to us?: WATCH


** LOVE ** HATE ** ATE **

One thing we love: A holiday based around eating as much food as humanly possible.

One thing we hate: The sweats that we get from overeating. This can’t be healthy.

One thing we ate: ONE thing?


PLEASE NOTE: The Need 2 Know offices will be closed tomorrow. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend and we’ll see ya back here on Monday. And if there’s one thing to remember today, it’s this: “It ain’t cool being no jive-turkey so close to Thanksgiving.”



@WhitneyCummings: arguing with my relatives about politics is making me miss them asking me why I’m not married yet.

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