NBC Cameraman Ebola Free, McDonald’s Trouble & Renee Zellweger Transformati

1. EBOLA  

NEW CASE?: A passenger who arrived in Newark from Liberia is now at the hospital and being tested for Ebola. The passenger reportedly has a fever and was exposed to the virus. STAR LEDGER 

CAMERAMAN CLEARED: Ashoka Mukpo, the NBC cameraman diagnosed with Ebola while working in Liberia, has been declared free of the virus. He’ll leave a biocontainment unit at the Nebraska Medical Center today. NBC NEWS


North Korea released Jeffrey Fowle, one of three Americans the country has been detaining, after six months in captivity. The 56-year-old is an Ohio municipal worker who visited on a tourist visa. He was arrested for leaving a Bible in a club. LA TIMES 


Three Denver teenage girls were detained after they attempted to fly to Syria to join ISIS. They were sent back to the U.S. from Germany. Because they are minors, it remains unclear whether they will be arrested or charged with anything. ABC NEWS


Ben Bradlee, the legendary executive editor of the Washington Post during the Watergate and Pentagon Papers era, died yesterday of natural causes. Bradlee was 93. Here’s a look at his life and legacy: WASHINGTON POST



A Bulgarian man paralyzed from the chest down is now able to walk (with help), drive, and feel sensation in his lower limbs after surgeons used cells from his nose to repair broken spinal cord tissue. The treatment could lead to a paralysis cure. TELEGRAPH



McDonald’s’ profits plunged 30% in the past three months. The fast-food chain has struggled to attract younger customers who are turning toward healthier options at places like Chipotle and Panera. WALL STREET JOURNAL

McDonald’s earnings are the one thing former football great Ickey Woods can’t celebrate. 



Apple is warning iCloud users of a possible attack by hackers trying to steal user information. There are reports of users in China being diverted to third party sites. US NEWS

They built the phones. They should certainly know how to bring them down.



The mayors of the two World Series cities have made the traditional wager on the outcome: Kansas City Mayor Sly James promised barbecue and jazz records, while San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee is offering Humphry Slocombe ice cream, Boudin sourdough bread and Philz coffee. SJ-MERCURY NEWS

What happened to the classic streaking down Main Street?



Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts was charged with lewd conduct for allegedly having sex in her car outside CBS Studios in California. DAILY MAIL



… An almost unrecognizable Renee Zellweger at Elle’s Annual Women in Hollywood awards, prompting speculation about whether the actress has had plastic surgery. SEE PIC

“Who’s coming with me?

Um, who ARE you?”



A California couple’s Kickstarter campaign may bring the hoverboard from ‘Back to the Future’ a step closer to reality. One reporter who rode a Hendo Hoverboard said it was like “standing on a giant air hockey puck hovering three quarters of an inch above the ground.” MASHABLE 

Great Scott! 



@landonashworth: Why aren’t iPhone chargers called apple juice?


And that’s what you ‘Need 2 Know’ on Wednesday, October 22, 2014…

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