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FAIRY-TALE: Prince Harry married Meghan Markle on Saturday at Windsor Castle, becoming the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Markle wore a simple, silk Givenchy dress to the ceremony and a Stella McCartney halter dress to the reception. Harry mouthed “You look amazing” when he first saw his bride. Here are “70 Candid, Beautiful, Heart-Melty Moments”: SEE PICS

CELEBS: Oprah Winfrey, George and Amal Clooney, David and Victoria Beckham, Elton John, and actors from Markle’s hit television show Suits were all in attendance. SEE PICS

THE COST: The wedding cost about $42.8 million dollars: About $40 million went to security for the guests and thousands of people who lined the streets (to be paid for by taxpayers), and about $2.8 million for all the other stuff, like flowers, food and decor. CNBC



WHAT HAPPENED: Ten people are dead after a 17-year-old went on a shooting rampage at Santa Fe High School in Galveston, Texas on Friday. The suspect is in custody and has been charged with capital murder. The victims include an exchange student from Pakistan and two substitute teachers. SEE PICS

THE SUSPECT: 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis allegedly taunted his victims, yelling things like “Surprise,” and “Woo hoo” before shooting. Pagourtzis reportedly targeted specific students, like a girl who had turned him down after he’d asked her out. His family said “what we have learned from media reports seems incompatible with the boy we love.” LA TIMES

SCHOOL SHOOTINGS BY THE NUMBERS: More people have been killed at schools this year than have been killed while serving in the U.S. military. So far this year there have been 22 school shootings where someone was hurt or killed, more than 1 shooting a week. WASHINGTON POST



The Mexican charter company whose plane crashed in Cuba on Friday had received prior safety complaints, and the plane was nearly 40 years old. That plane crashed shortly after taking off from Havana en route to Holguin. Three women miraculously survived the crash and remain in critical condition. BBC



A mountain lion killed a man and injured another who’d been riding mountain bikes in Washington state. Encounters with mountain lions (also known as cougars and pumas) are rare; this was the second deadly one in 100 years in Washington. USA TODAY



Hasbro just trademarked the smell of Play-Doh. The toy company says the smell “has always been synonymous with childhood and fun.” So what is the smell? Hasbro describes it as “a sweet, slightly musky, vanilla fragrance, with slight overtones of cherry, combined with the smell of a salted, wheat-based dough.” THE VERGE

That’s why we always put a dab of Play-Doh behind our ears before a big date.



There’s a Triple Crown contender: Justify won the Preakness by a half-length on Saturday and will race in the Belmont Stakes on June 9. There have only been 12 Triple Crown Winners; the most recent was American Pharoah in 2015. The win won’t be an easy one for Justify, who has run five races in 91 days. NY POST



The Vegas Golden Knights are heading to the Stanley Cup Final after eliminating the Winnipeg Jets in five games. The Knights are just the second expansion team in the NHL, NBA, NFL, or MLB since 1960 to reach a championship in their inaugural season. Vegas will face the winner of the Washington Capitals-Tampa Bay Lightning series. ESPN

The Knights are the best thing to come out of Vegas since Britney: Piece of Me.



Tina Fey hosted the SNL season finale, and turned her monologue into a star-studded Q&A session. Jerry Seinfeld, Robert De Niro, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Chris Rock all asked questions from the audience. WATCH

“Yes, hi. I have a question. Do you think the show has too many celebrity cameos? Because I’m worried the cast isn’t getting the chance to grow.” — Jerry Seinfeld



Chrissy Teigen and John Legend introduced their son to the world: Miles Theodore Stephens.  Teigen wrote on Snapchat: “We are drowning in his little peeps and nuzzles. Our household feels overwhelmed with love.” SEE PIC

“I can confirm postpartum life is 90% better when you don’t rip to your butthole. Baby boy: 1 point. Luna: 0.”



WINNERS: Ed Sheeran won for Best Artist, Khalid took Top New Artist and Taylor Swift won Top Female Artist. Janet Jackson became the first black woman to receive the Icon Award. Jackson performed and made a powerful speech, saying “Women have made it clear that we no longer will be controlled, manipulated or abused.” SEE WINNERS

CLARKSON: Kelly Clarkson addressed the shooting rampage in Texas by calling for a “moment of action” rather than a “moment of silence”: “I’m so sick of moments of silence! It’s not working!” Clarkson is from Texas and has said that she owns guns. WATCH

SALT-N-PEPA: Salt-N-Pepa performed “Shoop” and other hits, and En Vogue joined for “Whatta Man.” WATCH

@JackieNYC28: everyone else is doing it wrong. bring the 90s back.



@AaronFullerton: Imagine Ferris Bueller trying so hard not to Instagram his whole day off.

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The Kilauea volcano erupted from its summit on Thursday, sending ash and smoke 30,000 feet into the sky. The eruption likely lasted only a few minutes and had been predicted by geologists. Here’s a webcam image from HVO Observation Tower: SEE IT



The E. Coli outbreak tied to romaine lettuce from Yuma, Arizona may soon be over. The CDC says the last shipments of the affected lettuce were harvested a month ago, and romaine has a 21-day shelf life. That means if consumers bought contaminated lettuce it’s probably gone bad. CHICAGO TRIBUNE


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