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Summer, summer, summertime… Today marks the official start of summer, and the longest day and shortest night of the year for anyone north of the equator. (Which means it’s all downhill from here. Wah Wah.)

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President Trump bowed to political pressure and signed an executive order that mandates families are not separated at the border, by detaining parents and children together. It’s still not clear what will happen to the 2,300 children who have already been separated from their parents. Trump still says “zero tolerance” on illegal immigration will stay. Here’s what the order does and does not do: READ IT



Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the retired Catholic archbishop of Washington, D.C., has been accused of sexually abusing a minor nearly 50 years ago. He also faces three earlier allegations of sexual misconduct with adults. McCarrick is one of the highest-profile Catholic leaders to face accusations of sexual assault. He’s been removed from public ministry. WASHINGTON POST



Canada is now the world’s second nation to legalize recreational marijuana, after the Senate passed a “historic” bill this week. The law takes effect October 17th. Uruguay was the first country to legalize marijuana’s production, sale and consumption in 2013. CNN

Suddenly, THEY need a wall.



New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has given birth to a baby girl, making her just the second elected world leader to have a baby while in office. Ardern plans on six weeks of leave. The deputy prime minister has taken over her role while she’s out. There’s no word yet on the baby’s name. SEE PIC



AMC Theatres is taking on MoviePass with a similar type of monthly subscription service. For $19.95 a month, members will get three movies a week and other rewards, like being able to reserve seats. MoviePass has been at odds with AMC ever since it came out with a $9.95/month unlimited movie ticket service. DEADLINE

Great, now we’ll be able to see half of the superhero movies that come out every month.



Instagram made two huge announcements: it now has a billion users, and it’s launching a long-form video app, IGTV, with a focus on content from celebrities and influencers. Instagram users with 10,000 followers or more will be able to post videos up to an hour long. Everyone else can post up to 10 minutes of video. CHEDDAR ANALYSIS

This is low-follower discrimination.



RECAP: The Group Stage of the 2018 World Cup in Russia has some early exits. Morocco and Saudi Arabia were both eliminated from the tournament after losing to Portugal and Uruguay respectively. The late game featured a goal by Atlético Madrid striker Diego Costa that led to a 1-0 Spanish victory over Iran. RECAP

WHAT’S COMING UP: Today’s matches will feature games from Group C and Group D. Denmark faces Australia at 8:00am ET, France takes on Peru at 11:00am ET, and Argentina kicks off against Croatia at 2:00pm ET. SCHEDULE

SAY WHAT?!: Russia, which is hosting the World Cup, is running out of beer just one week into the tournament. One waiter tells the NY Post, “There are really a lot of people in Moscow … and they are all drinking… It’s hot, and it’s football.” NY POST

We’d watch pro bowling before we watch soccer sober.



Blue Ivy, the 6-year-old daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonce, appeared to cringe–then duck out of sight–when a sexy clip of her parents played on the screen at their concert in London. A British Ticketmaster employee captured the embarrassed Blue on camera: WATCH

What weirdo was watching and filming a 6-year-old instead of the concert?



The Cannes Lions festival is in full swing in the south of France, where the media and advertising industries converge to network and compete for awards. VaynerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk told Cheddar he sees a huge opportunity in esports. Here’s why: WATCH

Wish they had this when we were younger. Could’ve been a professional at NBA Jam.



Do you know what to do if a service dog approaches you without a person? A woman wrote a PSA that’s gone viral, saying when she recently fell down, her dog went to find help, but the person the dog found didn’t know what to do. She says, “If a service dog without a person approaches you, it means the person is down and in need of help… “Don’t get scared, don’t get annoyed, follow the dog!” SEE POST

We thought we were just supposed to post a pic of it Instagram.



Yelp launched a new feature that uses artificial intelligence to analyze nearly 155 million reviews on its app to determine the most popular dishes at restaurants across the country. The top ranked dish: New England Clam Chowder at Pike Place Chowder in Seattle, Washington. Cheddar Big News broke down the top five: SEE LIST

No Shake Shack?


** LOVE ** HATE ** ATE **

One thing we love: Summer!

One thing we hate: Making plans on summer weekends. Literally every weekend is booked already. Feels like the summer is over before it even started.

One thing we ate: Watermelon and feta salad. So good and so summer.



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